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Bell  H-13G "Sioux"

H-13G Souix ArticleInitially built as the civilian aircraft Model 47, the Army requested Bell militarize the aircraft creating the H-13G. The aircraft’s first combat operations took place in Korea and became known for its role in medical evacuations to M*A*S*H units.

Please contact the museum if you have any information, comments, or recollections of the H-13G “Sioux.”

Serial #: 1090
Crew: 2
Passengers: 0
Restored by: Carson Helicopters
Length: 24'
Height: 9' 1"
Rotospan: 35' 1.5"
Weight Empty: 1,380 lbs
Weight Loaded: 2,500 lbs
Powerplant: Franklin O-335
Thrust: 220 hp
Max Speed: 92 mph
Range: 214 miles
Manufacturer: Bell
Armarment: NA
Ordnance: NA
Ceiling: 13,000 ft
Status: On Display