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UH-34J Sea Bat Article

The DVHAA’s “Sea Bat” is Bureau# 145694. This aircraft served as both a “Sea Bat” and a “Sea Horse” with the Navy and Marine Corps. Initial flights took place in the mid 1950s and were produced through the 1960s. This specific aircraft began as an SH-34J with anti-submarine warfare gear, but then that technology was stripped. It continued in service til April 1971.

Please contact the museum if you have any information, comments, or recollections of the UH-34D “Sea Bat.”

Bureau #: 145694
Built: October 1958
Crew 2
Passengers: 4
Retired: April 1971
Received: April 1988
Restored by: Carson Helicopters
Restored: April 1995
Length: 65' 7"
Height: 16'
Rotospan: 56'
Weight Empty: 8,400 lbs
Weight Loaded: 14,600 lbs
Powerplant: Wright R-1820-84B
Thrust: 1,525 hp
Max Speed: 132 mph
Range: 183 miles
Manufacturer: Sikorski
Armarment: NA
Ordnance: NA
Ceiling: 9,500 ft
Status: On Display