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Piasecki HUP-2 "Retriever"

HUP-2 Retriever Article

The DVHAA’s Retriever is Bureau# 128517. This type of aircraft was the result of requirements set by the Bureau of Aeronautics for a utility helicopter based on aircraft carriers. The aircraft served the Navy from June 1952 to April 1963. The DVHAA acquired the aircraft in 1997 from Dr. Brent Follweiler.

Please contact the museum if you have any information, comments, or recollections of the HUP-2 Retriever.


Bureau #: 128517
Built: 1952
Crew: 2
Passengers: 3
Retired: 1963
Received: 1997
Restored by:  
Length: 31' 10"
Height: 12' 6"
Rotospan: 35'
Weight Empty: 4,121 lbs
Weight Loaded: 6,100 lbs
Powerplant: Continental R75-42 Radial Engine
Thrust: 550 hp
Max Speed: 108 mph
Range: 360 miles
Manufacturer: Piasecki
Armarment: NA
Ordnance: NA
Ceiling: 12,700 ft
Status: On Display