On Loan from National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL

YF-2Y Sea Dart Article

The DVHAA’s YF-2Y is Bureau# 135764. The aircraft was part of a series of five aircrafts contracted by the Navy as a new prototype for a seaplane. However, multiple tests determined the aircraft was unreliable and the project was cancelled. This aircraft never saw military service and retired in 1962. The DVHAA acquired the aircraft in 1987 and put on display.

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Bureau #: 135764
Built: May 1951
Crew: 1
Retired: June 1962
Received: 1987
Restored by: DVHAA
Restored: 1991 - 1993
Length: 52' 7"
Height: 16' 2" Ski's Retracted 20' 9" Ski's Extended
Wingspan: 33' 8"
Weight Empty: 12,625 lbs
Weight Loaded: 22,000 lbs
Powerplant: 2 - Westinghouse J-46-WE-02
Thrust: 6,100 lbs per engine
Max Speed:  
Manufacturer: Convair
Armarment: NA
Ordnance: NA
Ceiling: 58,800 ft
Status: On Display